Implementing DWM

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

This isn’t rocket science, it’s discipline.

DWM is a set of checklists. You guessed it:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Step 1

Schedule Time With Your Teams


Introduce the concept. What concept? A daily checklist, a weekly checklist, a monthly checklist. That’s it, that’s the concept.

Each should be 5-10 items. Nothing crazy.

Step 2

Review Each Team’s DWM Tasks


Review and finalize each team’s DWM’s. Make sure you’re defined simple, clear, recurring tasks that the team needs to execute every day, week, or month.

Step 3



Completion by team

  • Physically print your checklists – yep, on paper
  • You can get sexy later, but for now it’s paper
  • 5 Daily, 1 Weekly – we’re going to review and adjust after 1 week

Delivery to Management

  • Physical Dropbox OR
  • Email photo of completed form with structured subject line
    • *Department* DWM – Daily – MM/DD/YY
    • Ex: Operations DWM – Daily – 10/14/20
Step 4



Review the first week of DWM’s with the team looking for gaps in clarity, execution, or checkpoints. This is your opportunity to add, subtract, or adjust the list. It will also likely surface some lackluster follow through in your team. Address it now. If you can’t get a checklist emailed to you consistently, you have bigger fish to fry.

After adjusting, roll out.