Matt Wilhelmsen

My name is Matt, and I live outside Bend, OR with my wife and 3 kids. A client recently connected me with a group of entrepreneurs with the following introduction. I was humbled by the words, and relieved that I wouldn’t have to write an about me section for my website anymore.

“This dude helped save my life, marriage and business. That’s all I should need to say. 🙂 Executive coach, husband, parent of twins, connector, confidant and brilliant thinker. I say all those things because Matt’s the coach who sells you what you want (scalable systems) but gives you what you need (accountability, hard questions, lots of tears, midnight calls, friendship, encouragement, parenting advice — oh, and those scalable systems too…) His experience stems from his work in professional sports (MLB) before helping entrepreneurs running multi-million dollar businesses not ruin their lives. At least that was the case for me. Bottom line: You want him in your corner. Wow.”

– A former client

100+ clients

Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with over 100 businesses doing a combined $500M/year in revenue and been named Emyth’s Most Valuable (and youngest) Partner. I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes and found my sweet spot with small and medium sized businesses in growth stages. I specialize in management systems and process scalability through these periods.

Management Systems

A life long fire for business and learning, combined with more than 10,000 hours hands on with business owners and executives like you has allowed me to develop crystal clear framework, methodologies, and tools my clients use everyday while we work together, and long after. My work revolves organizational values, meaningful initiatives, process evolution, open communication, and quantification.