I’m starting my own practice

In a time of so many uncertainties, I am excited to share a decision I have never been more certain about. Today, after 7 years of an unbelievably successful relationship, I am ending my partnership with EMyth.
Being literally raised in my parents’ business since the day I was born, followed by my mother’s career as a business coach for 20+ years, the conversations at our dinner table were always about the family and business. Business is not just something I enjoy, but something that is ingrained in me.
Over the last 7 years I have had the opportunity to spend every day with business owners all over the world. From startups to mom and pops to corporate entities producing revenues well over 9 figures. Working one on one with CEO’s as well as entire executive teams, we’ve successfully doubled and tripled revenues and even 10x some along the way. We’ve transitioned companies to the next generation, turned what was an end to a means into a revenue producing machine and most importantly gave owners the business they always dreamed of. I’ve been a part of multiple sales, contributing at each stage. The prep work, the sale, the transition, and ultimately the continued success of the next ownership group. While all of my clients walked away with more than they came with, it has become undoubtedly clear to me that I have more I want to offer them.  it has become crystal clear to me that I have more to offer them.
My time working with the legendary EMyth brand was incredibly successful. Over the years I became their highest revenue earner, executive coach, coach trainer & advisor, network mentor and was ultimately named Most Valuable Partner. My practice was full and life is good. When I start to get comfortable in life, it’s always been a sign for me that something bigger is out there. I’m best when I’m out of my comfort zone, that’s when my most powerful memories and biggest accomplishments take shape.
Today I am starting my own practice. I have such a deep desire to create something to help more people and more businesses. I fundamentally believe that small business is the backbone of our country and the best way I know to impact that most lives. When we change businesses, we don’t just change the life of the owner, but the employees, customers and ultimately their communities.
What’s more, I’m putting a bow on all the learnings I’ve absorbed working with hundreds of owners, executives, and leaders to create a business management platform that enables the thing we’re all here for: growth. My coaching will always be about fundamentals like communication, values, quantification, and accountability. My next chapter combines that with a simple framework and structure to help my clients do what they’ve always wanted to do: turn their business into a machine.
Onward and upward.
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Matt Wilhelmsen